Atlanta April Storms Could Equal Storm Chasers

Storm Brewing over Tile Roof

Atlanta’s unpredictable weather has had the entire metro area in it’s grasp this spring, especially Atlanta storms this April. Every morning and evening news program shows gigantic trees down in people’s yards, across their driveways, and, in the most frightening cases, right across their houses. The tales of homeowners barely managing to wake-up in time to grab their children before a tree crashed through their roof are coming fast and furious, leaving other members of the Atlanta community worried about what might happen at their own homes.

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While no one can control the strong weather patterns we’ve been seeing, a little bit of knowledge can help stave off other types of trouble. If your roof is damaged in a storm, don’t your roof be taken in by storm chasers! Storm chasers are unreputable roofing companies who troll neighborhoods where many of the homes have suffered roof damage. The homes might need a full reroofing, or might just require small improvements. The storm chasers offer to perform the necessary jobs at very low prices, and prey upon a homeowner’s fear that back-to-back storms might further damage the house. The catch is that these unknown roofing companies often require payment upfront- and then never actually complete the job. Click to learn more about key points to an Atlanta roofing project.

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The first step to avoiding the storm chaser scam is to keep a clear head. While it’s normal to want the roof repairs done as quickly as possible, an inferior or unfinished reroofing job will only cause more problems in the long run. No matter how simple it seems to just hire the company that’s come knocking on your door after a storm, don’t do it! Instead, make the smarter decision to call a well-known, local roofing company that can happily furnish proof of legitimacy in the form of local business licenses, local references, testimonials, insurance and written warranties.

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