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Redefining Atlanta Slate Roofing at the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

 Roof Installation at Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation


In 1995 The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation was formed. Located in Atlanta, the foundation is focused on enhancing education, preserving greenspace, sustaining the arts and sparking collaboration among community partners. The foundation is particularly recognized for its interest and support of innovative projects that lead to better lives for low income youth and their families.

In 2003 KTM Roofing was contracted by the foundation for their Atlanta slate roofing expertise. The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation hired KTM Roofing for the installation of a slate roof on the foundation’s Howell Mill Rd. headquarters in Atlanta. High visibility roofing projects are not uncommon to KTM. KTM Roofing is often called upon for slate roofing projects in Atlanta. Since 1984, the company has a reputation for working with premium roofing materials such as slate.

Building a ‘Modern Classic’ Slate Roof in Atlanta

Slate is a superior roofing material because of its durability. In Atlanta, it is not uncommon for a slate roof to last 75, or even 100+ years if properly installed. Whether it is a renovation repair on a historic slate roof, or a complete new slate roof installation, such as Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, KTM Roofing is a leader in slate roofing in Atlanta. When the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation selected KTM Roofing to install a slate roof they instantly ensured the appearance of their headquarters would be a modern classic.

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Slate Roof Materials Used:

  •  Buckingham Slate Shingles
  • Lead coated copper flashing detail
  • Lead coated copper ice and water shield
  • Lead plumbing boats
  • Copper nails

KTM Demonstrates Expert Slate Roof Tile Installation

The slate roof installation at the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation came with its challenges. The office building is the most expensive building in the state of Georgia per square foot. The materials used in the building’s construction were all high end, which meant particular sensitively needed to be taken to not damage any existing building materials during the roof’s installation.

“When your client is so passionate that it is not enough to watch football, but rather (he) needs to own football (Atlanta Falcons), then you know you need to bring your most experienced roofers. The efficiency and consideration taken by KTM’s roof team for this project was outstanding, explains Tim McLoughlin, President of KTM Roofing. “These roofers worked in an environment with upwards of 30 other trades on the ground. If a piece of slate fell it could have meant disaster for the men working below. If a piece of limestone was damaged during construction it could result in 4-6 months lead time for a replacement piece from Italy to arrive. This project was high pressure, with high expectations and KTM delivered!”

A Leader in Premium Atlanta Roofs

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation is just one excellent example of slate roofing in Atlanta. There are many other great metro Atlanta slate roofing examples throughout the community that KTM has worked on. As a leading Atlanta roof installation company, KTM works with a variety of premium roofing materials including:

  • Slate Roofs: natural slate and synthetic slate
  • Tile Roofs: clay and concrete
  • Wood Roofs: cedar, pine and cypress

To learn more about KTM’s slate roofing capabilities or to inquire about the preservation or installation of a slate roof, contact KTM at 678-565-7663.

To visit the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s website - http://www.blankfoundation.org

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