Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Slate Roofing

KTM Roofing Builds A “Modern Classic” Slate Roof In Atlanta

The Scope of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Roofing Project

Symbolizing Hope And History

Established in 1995, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation building is a symbol of commitment to community enhancement, environmental preservation, and innovative education in Atlanta. The headquarters, located on Howell Mill Road, has been the driving force behind numerous transformative projects aimed at uplifting low-income families and youth. This building, therefore, represents not just a physical structure but a beacon of hope and change for the Atlanta community.

The building’s architecture itself makes a bold statement, with its high-end construction materials marking it as the most expensive building per square foot in the State of Georgia. It was constructed with the utmost attention to detail and quality, reflecting the foundation’s commitment to excellence.

Preserving the roof of this building is instrumental in maintaining the longevity of the structure and preserving its historical and architectural integrity. As the building stands as a testament to the foundation’s work and legacy, maintaining its roof is akin to preserving the community’s faith in the foundation’s cause.

Furthermore, roofs often symbolize shelter and protection, and maintaining them in top shape resonates with the foundation’s mission to provide support to those in need. As such, the roof’s preservation is an indication of the foundation’s ongoing commitment to the Atlanta community. When KTM Roofing undertakes the preservation of the roof, it is not just preserving a structure but a symbol of community resilience, commitment, and hope.

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation | KTM Roofing Slate Project
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation | KTM Roofing Slate Project

Re-Roofing: How KTM Preserved History While Looking Ahead

A Testament To KTM Roofing’s Excellence In Installation

The esteemed Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation project posed a significant and distinct challenge for KTM Roofing. Initiated with comprehensive planning and precise coordination, the project was a demonstration of KTM’s commitment to excellence and unparalleled roofing expertise.

The process began with a thorough evaluation of the building’s existing roof, allowing KTM Roofing to meticulously plan the slate roof installation to meet the building’s specific needs. Buckingham Slate Shingles were chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal, complemented by lead-coated copper flashing detail, ice and water shield, and plumbing boats, all secured with copper nails. The choice of these high-quality materials was intrinsic to ensuring the longevity of the slate roof, expected to serve for 75 to 100+ years.

Though the project was complex, the KTM team navigated the challenges with grace and expertise. The building being the most expensive per square foot in Georgia, absolute care was necessary to avoid damaging the high-end materials used in its construction. Every piece of slate and limestone was handled with utmost precision to prevent any calamity that could delay the project by months.

Despite the pressure and high expectations, the KTM team delivered impeccable results. Ensuring safety and efficiency on the site, they worked seamlessly amid other trades, avoiding any misfortunes that could have resulted from a falling slate or a damaged limestone. The meticulous execution of the project, under the careful watch of KTM’s President, Tim McLoughlin, led to its successful completion, manifesting KTM’s mastery of slate roof installation.

The result was a ‘Modern Classic’ – a stunning, durable slate roof that enhanced the visual appeal of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation headquarters while promising longevity. KTM Roofing’s craftsmanship and attention to detail ensured that the project’s high standards were not only met but exceeded, further cementing KTM’s position as a leader in premium Atlanta roofs. The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation project is a shining example of the quality, professionalism, and dedication that KTM Roofing brings to every project, no matter its complexity or scale.

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