East Lake Golf Club: Roofing By KTM Roofing

Preserving A Historic Tile Roof In Atlanta

The Historical Significance Of East Lake Golf Club

Architectural History Standing The Test Of Time

The East Lake Golf Club is steeped in rich history and tradition. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this legendary golf course is the oldest in the city, celebrating over a century of golfing excellence. The club proudly stands as the home course of the legendary golfer Bobby Jones, contributing significantly to its prestige and historical significance.

The club is situated in the neighborhood of East Lake, just a few miles from downtown Atlanta, allowing golf enthusiasts easy access to this iconic course amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Over the years, East Lake Golf Club has hosted numerous high-profile golf events, most notably The Tour Championship—the final event of the FedEx Cup.

The clubhouse itself is a piece of architectural history, boasting a tile roof that has stood the test of time, reminiscent of the unique work of B. Mifflin Hood, a renowned roofing company from the 1950s. The preservation and replication of this historic roof was a meticulous undertaking, with the team of roofing experts paying great attention to color-matching and preserving the heritage aesthetic of the building.

Careful efforts were made to even account for the variations in weathering on different sides of the roof, ensuring an authentic look in the new tiles. The original tiles from the clubhouse roof were carefully preserved and archived during the installation of the new roof, reflecting the club’s dedication to honoring its history. These tiles will be recycled and used on other buildings within the club’s premises, ensuring that a piece of history continues to live on in the landscape of East Lake Golf Club.

KTM Roofing’s Preservation Approach And Methodology

An Atlanta Commercial Roofing Project Like No Other

KTM Roofing’s approach to preserving the roof of the East Lake Golf Club was meticulous and respectful of the club’s rich history. The preservation began with a thorough examination of the original roof, noting the unique characteristics brought about by the decades of weathering and wear. The team aimed to not just replace, but to replicate the authentic look of the historic roof, paying close attention to the color variations and textures distinct to the years of service the roof had provided.

Materials Utilized

The preservation project utilized the following materials:

  • Clay Tile: A material providing resilience and longevity.
  • 14 Custom Colors: Developed to match the weathered look of the original roof perfectly.
  • Custom-Sized Tiles: To ensure a seamless fit and authentic appearance.
  • Custom Textured Surface: Mimicking the unique tactile quality of the original roof.

Implementation And Color Matching

One of the most distinctive aspects of the restoration was the color-matching process. This meticulous task was carried out in collaboration with Ludowici, the experts in custom color creation. The goal was to replicate the unique weathering and aging effects observed on the original roof. Ludowici developed an algorithm to create a perfect blend of 14 custom colors that mirrored the characteristic patina of the historic tiles. Each tile for every 10′ x 10′ roof square was individually sorted and arranged according to this color algorithm, ensuring an authentic distribution of colors across the roof that echoed the aesthetic appeal of the original roof.

A key part of KTM Roofing’s preservation approach was the recycling and reusing of the original tiles. These tiles were delicately preserved and archived during the new roof installation. Their reintegration into the landscape of the East Lake Golf Club is a testament to KTM Roofing’s commitment to honoring the club’s history, allowing a touch of the original craftsmanship to live on in other buildings within the club’s premises.

The restoration of the East Lake Golf Club’s historic roof was a labor-intensive process involving detailed planning, tireless effort, and a dedicated team of KTM Roofing’s seasoned professionals. The project spanned a duration of approximately two months. In a show of remarkable commitment, a 15-member team worked diligently in 13-hour shifts, six days a week, to ensure the timely completion of the roof installation.

This painstaking attention to detail underscores KTM Roofing’s dedication to preserving the heritage and aesthetics of Atlanta’s oldest golf course. It was a testament to their commitment to quality, their respect for tradition, and their expertise in roof installation and preservation.

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