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Commercial roofing projects can range in complexity from simple installations to complex historical restorations that require committee approvals, permits, and other forms of red tape. As the level of complexity in commercial settings increases, the only way to ensure that each job gets done properly is to enlist a company that has the appropriate experience to move the project forward and then execute the highest quality installation possible. Since our founding in 1984, KTM Roofing has taken on a variety of high profile commercial projects in the Atlanta area including the Decatur City Hall, the East Lake Golf Club, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, and Stone Mountain Memorial Hall, as well as numerous other municipal and religious institutions.

Our master roofers are well aware of the additional requirements entailed by commercial work. Before the start of every project, our consultants explain the intricacies of building codes and required permits as well as the appropriate materials and designs to ensure that the finished roofing result meets and exceeds both expectations and local building standards.

Municipal Roofing Services by KTM

Some of our most prominent projects are municipal projects. KTM has roofed a wide variety of government building throughout the metro area. These include various city buildings, county buildings, buildings for the State of Georgia, and even U.S. Federal roofing projects within downtown Atlanta. We’ve gained a lot experience through these projects around the importance of logistics and working with various building security and contractor security protocols.

Experts With Any Type of Roofing

KTM Roofing has the expertise to work with a variety of roofing materials. While most residential projects use asphalt shingles, commercial projects, especially for government buildings can vary greatly in materials needed. We are experts working with slate, tile and various flat roofing techniques. Our consultants can also help review your current roof and discuss various options to fulfill your project request.

The Decatur City Hall roof renovation was completed by a team of dozens of roofers. The Decatur City Hall project required master craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a focus around preservation.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured & Experienced

Working with large commercial and government projects requires thinking on a different scale. We have experience working with large scale projects that require multiple crews. KTM also covers insurance sufficient to work with large commercial and government projects. Secure & Background Check SafeCertain commercial applications require additional security and background checks, especially with certain government projects in security sensitive buildings. KTM is able to provide such documentation of its roofing crews, including citizenship verification and other requested background checks. Discuss your Project with KTM The process of selecting a qualified roofer can be difficult, especially with municipal applications. We can provide examples of our work with various municipal and government applications. Contact KTM to discuss the requirements of your project or email us to submit a formal request for pricing.

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