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What Is Synthetic Tile Roofing?

Sustainability And Style

Synthetic tile roofing, a revolutionary offering by KTM Roofing, is an ingenious blend of style, durability, and sustainability. Unlike regular tile roofing made of clay, concrete, or sand, synthetic tile roofing is created from engineered polymers and other recycled materials. This distinct composition bestows impressive resilience against harsh weather conditions, fire, and pests while reducing maintenance requirements.

The superiority of synthetic roof tiles doesn’t end with durability. As specialists in this domain, KTM Roofing provides an exciting array of synthetic tile options that can be tailored to mirror the architectural essence of your home. We understand that every homeowner has unique preferences; hence, we offer customization in color, texture, and style. Our synthetic tile roofing solutions can emulate any tile roofing attributes, transforming your roof from a functional household necessity to a statement of style.

At KTM Roofing, we’re not just committed to meeting your roofing needs, but also to promoting sustainable living. Our synthetic tile roofing, primarily composed of recycled materials, underscores this commitment, allowing you to make an eco-friendly choice without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. Choose KTM Roofing and step into the future of roofing that harmonizes tradition, innovation, and sustainability.

Synthetic Roof Tiles From Quarrix And Brava

Lightweight, Durable Solutions For Your Home

At KTM Roofing, we prioritize the utmost quality in all our operations, from service to the materials we use. This commitment to excellence is particularly evident in our choice of synthetic tile roofing manufacturers whose products we use. Synthetic tile roofing, as the name implies, is a type of roofing that mimics the aesthetic of traditional tile roofing, such as clay or concrete, while providing superior durability and lighter weight courtesy of synthetic material construction. Here is a list of the esteemed brands we partner with to deliver high-quality synthetic tile roofs:


Quarrix composite roofing delivers the classic appearance of traditional clay and concrete tiles yet offers the convenience of a lightweight synthetic roof tile material. Their product is a great choice for existing homes and buildings, eliminating the need for structural roof modifications that other materials might necessitate.


Known for their innovative and eco-friendly composite roofing products, Brava is a leader in the industry. Their synthetic barrel tile not only replicates the beauty of Spanish tile roofing but also ensures excellent durability, weather resistance, and ease of installation. Brava’s commitment to quality and sustainability makes them an ideal choice for those seeking environmentally-conscious roofing solutions.

By aligning ourselves with these top-tier manufacturers, KTM Roofing ensures that our clients receive the highest quality synthetic tile roofing solutions available on the market today.

Our Other Roofing Services

From Repair To Gutter Service

At KTM Roofing, we offer a comprehensive suite of roofing services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of master roofers is equipped to handle a wide array of roofing requirements, including roof repair, installation, and replacement. We understand that each type of roof has its own unique attributes and needs. Therefore, we tailor our services to meet these specific requirements, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality workmanship, regardless of the complexity of the project. Besides roofing, we also offer gutter and gutter guard services as part of our commitment to providing holistic roofing solutions. From maintaining the integrity of your roof and its associated systems to enhancing the curb appeal of your property, KTM Roofing is your one-stop solution for all your roofing needs. With our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are setting new benchmarks in the roofing industry.

Brava Synthetic Tile Roof home | KTM Roofing

About KTM Roofing

Our Commitment To High-Quality Atlanta Roofing

At KTM Roofing, we are proud of our rich history and strong connection to Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Since our establishment in 1984, we have stood as a steadfast provider of superior roofing services, deeply rooted in our unwavering commitment to the community we serve. Our journey spans over three decades, during which we have grown from a small local roofing company to a large enterprise, becoming a byword for quality, reliability, and excellent service in the Atlanta roofing industry.

Our ability to work with a wide variety of roofing materials sets us apart and enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality service tailored to their specific needs. Asphalt, slate, tile, wood shake, metal – you name it, we have the skill and the know-how to deliver exceptional results. This versatility is a testimony to our broad-based experience and our dedication to continually expanding our expertise.

At the heart of our operations is our firm belief in the values of trust, honesty, and hard work. We view each project not just as a job but as an opportunity to strengthen the bond with our community, protect and beautify our neighbors’ homes and commercial properties, and contribute to our beloved Atlanta’s overall prosperity.

In every way, KTM Roofing strives to ensure that you receive the best service possible for all of your roofing needs. Whether it’s a small repair or a complete roof replacement, you can count on our expert team to deliver a service synonymous with excellence. KTM Roofing – we are more than just a roofing company; we are your trusted partners in creating safe, durable, and beautiful roofs.