How To Choose A Professional Roofer In Atlanta

Tips To Choose A Professional Roofing Company

Regardless of the scope of your project, it’s important to evaluate roofing contractors and their proposals.

Georgia Roofing Contractor Requirements

In Georgia, a contractor doesn’t need a license to go into the roofing business. There are no credentials needed at all. A contractor may have a business license, but that merely recognizes a business as a taxable entity. Check to see if a company is registered with the Georgia Secretary of State, and when the company was formed, by going to the government web site at http://www.sos.ga.gov. Click on “Corporations,” then “Corporations Search,” and enter the company name.

What To Expect From A Roofer

Expect a contractor to show up on time for an appointment. Whether a salesperson or the owner of the company, that person should be able to clearly explain the details of the project to you, answer your questions, and put it in writing.

Does the company you’re dealing with have a track record? A company that’s been around a while should have a physical business address and an office where you can reach an employee. Local references, particularly from 10 years ago or more, are a helpful indicator of contractors’ stability. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau web site (http://www.bbb.org) to check on the accreditation, rating, and customer complaint history of the company.

Proof of Liability Insurance

Proof that a contractor carries current comprehensive liability, specifying coverage for the type of installation you are considering, as well as coverage for workers’ compensation, is essential to protect you and your property. Call the insurance company and request proof of current, paid-up insurance coverage. Confirm that the company name on the insurance certificate is the same as the name on the proposal.

Find out what credentials a contractor has, manufacturers often offer certifications to contractors. Some of these credentials–but not all-include extensive training, which must be renewed annually. Properly trained and credentialed installers are critical to the quality of your project.

A request for a deposit or payment for materials in advance could be a risk. Generally, payment is due upon invoice or completion of the project. Be aware there have been instances of contractors requiring a deposit and do not complete the project.

How To Evaluate A Proposal

A proposal is a contract/agreement that should spell out your options in terms of products by brand, services, and prices.

  1. Will you receive a printed, transferrable certificate of warranty, explaining the coverage of the workmanship, after the project is completed? Will the contractor stand behind it? Most contractors haven’t been in business as long as the workmanship warranty they are offering.
  2. The contractor’s proposal should be more than a checklist; you want to be sure that it’s customized to your specific project.
  3. Be aware of the fine print on some proposals, regarding potential additional costs that are not included in the price.
  4. The proposal should detail parameters, such as Manufacture’s roof systems, ventilation options, flashing details and possible roof decking replacement costs.
  5. How does the contractor plan to handle clean up around the perimeter of your property? The proposal should spell out what steps are taken to protect your landscaping and surrounding areas and the thorough removal of debris. Is a company representative inspecting the project after it is complete?
  6. Does the proposal have product options? The proposal should show options and upgrades.


Key Points of your KTM Project


  1. Upon your acceptance of our proposal, color and options will be confirmed. At this point, the project will be approved for scheduling.
  2. The Project Scheduling Coordinator will contact you to schedule your project and discuss the delivery of the material and disposal container. NOTE: The material and disposal container may obstruct your driveway, therefore, it is necessary to keep your driveway clear until the project is complete and the disposal container is removed.
  3. Low hanging tree branches, at the roofline, should be trimmed prior to your install date. Consider having trees trimmed by professionals before the start of your project. If tree limbs impede our ability to do an efficient job we will trim them back from the roof.


  1. KTM’s installers will arrive according to the pre-arranged schedule; the Project Supervisor will introduce himself if you are available.
  2. During roof installations, debris may sift down into the attic and through skylight openings. You may want to protect valuables with a plastic liner before the start of the project. If assistance is needed please let us know.
  3. We cannot be responsible for a puncture or damage of improperly installed Freon lines or anything else not to your county building codes. We install our projects to the manufactures and county code specifications.
  4. We will place tarps on the ground to catch falling debris. There will be a thorough clean-up. We use a magnet on wheels to pick up nails. Consider cutting your grass before installation, because the magnet will pick up nails better in short grass.


  1. Once the project is completed, the disposal container will be removed, usually within 1-2 days. Before using the driveway please look for nails especially near the location of where the disposal container was staged.
  2. A KTM representative will inspect the project and confirm that all work was performed according to the contract.
  3. All materials delivered belong to KTM unless otherwise stated in your contract. we intend to deliver more materials for the project than is estimated.
  4. KTM will send the invoice to the email and physical address of the responsible party on the contract.
  5. Upon receipt of the invoice, please mail payment in full. KTM accepts all credit cards as well as personal checks.
    PLEASE NOTE: If payment cannot be made upon receipt of the invoice, please contact your local KTM office.
  6. Once payment in full is received, if applicable KTM’s workmanship warranty, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty, will be sent to your billing address via US mail.
  7. Though it is rare, satellite dishes may need to be realigned by your provider after reinstallation.

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