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Braselton, A Variety Of Architecture Nestled In Northeastern Georgia

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Nestled in the northeastern part of Georgia, Braselton is a quaint town that straddles four counties – Hall, Gwinnett, Barrow, and Jackson. Known for its small-town charm combined with the amenities of a bustling city, Braselton is home to various architectural marvels. The buildings in the city exhibit an array of architectural styles, ranging from traditional southern homes with their distinct gabled roofs to modern structures boasting flat, sustainable roofing systems.

One of the prominent characteristics of Braselton homes is their roofing. The roofs are not just functional but also a defining element of the city’s architectural aesthetic. From asphalt shingles and clay tiles to slate and wood shakes, the rooftops of Braselton are as diverse as its residents.

KTM Roofing is proud to offer comprehensive roofing services in Braselton, offering top-tier roof repair, replacements, and more, tailored to the unique needs of the city’s building structures. Whether it’s for a historical home requiring a specific type of roofing material or a modern building needing an energy-efficient solution, KTM’s team of licensed and insured roofers is skilled and ready to tackle any roofing challenge. With KTM’s dedication to quality and excellence, Braselton residents can look forward to a roofing experience that is seamless, efficient, and meets the highest standards in the industry.

KTM Roofing: Our Story

Raising Roofing Standards Since 1984

Established in 1984, KTM Roofing is a Braselton roofing company with a rich history that stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing superior roofing services. Our journey began with a passion for raising the bar in the roofing industry. Over the years, we have honed our craft, expanding our expertise beyond just asphalt roofing to include slate, tile, wood shakes, and more. We have become an integral part of Atlanta’s development, having had the privilege of working on countless roof installations, repairs, and replacements.

Our growth as a company has not been limited to enriching our technical expertise alone. We have grown with the communities around us. Recognizing the diversity and unique needs of each neighborhood, we have tailored our services to resonate with the local architecture, trends, and climatic conditions. This dedication to understanding and serving our community is what sets us apart.

In Gwinnett County, Hall County, and the charming town of Braselton, we have been part of shaping the architectural landscape, one roof at a time. We have cemented our reputation as the go-to roofer, recommended by residents to their neighbors. Our commitment to serve extends beyond roofing. We take pride in the fact that our work contributes to the safety, aesthetic, and value of homes in our community, protecting one of our customers’ largest investments.

Our commitment to excellence and to serving our community is unwavering. As we look towards the future, we continue to uphold the values we were built upon – being Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, and Meticulous in everything roofing. This is the KTM promise, the foundation that has made us one of the premier roof installation experts in Atlanta and its surrounding areas.

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