Breaking Down Roof Replacement Cost Atlanta

roof replacement cost Atlanta

Materials, Factors, And Importance Of Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Cost Atlanta Homeowners Face

What Should You Consider

The Roof replacement cost Atlanta that local homeowners face can vary depending on many factors. While caring for and maintaining your roof are important steps in helping prepare your home for any seasonal changes, the lifespan of your roof will eventually come to an end. While a typical asphalt shingle roof, on average in Atlanta, could last you between 20-30 years, it is essential to consider a roof replacement if you notice your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. 

If you find yourself looking up “roof replacement cost Atlanta,” you’ll find that the type of roof, work time, material costs, and more are all aspects that affect the pricing of your service. It’s not an easy decision to make, so it’s important to utilize as much information as possible. Knowing how to make an informed decision within your home’s budget will play an important role in replacing your roof with one that fits your needs and budget. Luckily, we are here to provide you with valuable information to help you get started. So if you’re looking for information on how to best deal with roof replacement in Atlanta, read on.

Why Is Roof Replacement Important?

Benefits Of Essential Roof Replacement

Although your roof is meant to last you through many years, the constant wear and tear on your roof from weather and material degradation will eventually lead to your roof falling apart completely. Atlanta roofs go through a lot, from heat to heavy rain, during their lifespans. The process may seem daunting, but it is still a necessary part of home ownership. Thankfully, we make it easy to consider and assess the roof replacement cost Atlanta. When maintaining your home, there are several reasons why a roof replacement is so crucial to keeping your home safe and comfortable:

Protection From Weather

If you live in Georgia, you understand the unpredictability of the weather. But have you ever thought about how your roof withstands these conditions? A well-maintained roof is necessary to protect your home from heat, rain, hail, or other severe weather. Replacing your roof ensures that your home stays safe and secure no matter what the weather may hold.

Improved Efficiency

A damaged or aging roof can lead to decreased energy efficiency over time. For example, during the summer, if your roof isn’t in good shape, heat can seep into your home from your roof, causing your air conditioner to work overtime to combat the temperature difference. Conversely, when you and your family want to stay warm in the winter, an inefficient roof can let the heat from your home escape. In both situations, your energy bills will increase from your roof’s lack of efficiency.

Reduced Water Damage

When your roof starts to fail, there will be a higher risk of leaks developing. Holes and cracks can begin to form over time from constant wear and tear on your roof. When you have leaks present, you could be open to water damage, mildew, and mold, which can affect your health. All of this can add up to a costly repair. Staying ahead of roof replacement allows your home to stay safe and dry during those intense storms in Atlanta.

Saving Money

Ultimately, a roof replacement is an investment in the long-time health of your home. It can help you to save on constant repairs to your roof and save you on energy bills. You won’t have to worry about constant costly repairs with a new, well-maintained roof. In addition, avoiding endless high energy bills due to an inefficient roof will allow you to save money in the long run. Keeping your regulated temperature inside your house will save you energy usage over time.

What Factors Affect Roof Replacement Cost Atlanta

Materials, Labor, Budget, And More

It is important to understand the varying factors that go into roof replacement cost Atlanta homeowners face. Understanding the importance of roof replacement can allow you to make it a priority before it’s too late. But it is also important to factor in the reasons why roof replacement cost Atlanta properties can vary. Your home is your investment, and it is important to maintain your roof to keep you and your family safe during any weather or temperature changes. We’ve listed a few factors that may affect roof replacement cost Atlanta that homeowners have to consider:


One of the most significant factors in roof replacement cost Atlanta homeowners face is the type of material that they should use on their roofs. While there are several common types of roofing materials, each one has a different price associated with manufacturing costs, skilled installation labor, and additional resources required for installation. 

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch can affect the time and materials needed to complete your roof replacement job in Atlanta. For example, if your roof is too steep, it may not be possible to walk on easily. It will therefore create a more complicated procedure for replacing your roof. This involves increased safety equipment, insurance rates, and the overall cost of your roof replacement. In addition to pitch, having a more complicated roof with skylights, peaks, and valleys may also contribute to the added price of your roof replacement.

Labor Costs

Labor can cost you anywhere between $1.20 to $4.00 per square foot. This cost includes the removal of your old roof as well. This cost can add up, and you can pay much more than just the cost of your roof for your roof replacement. Your roof’s square footage, complications of your roof style, overhangs and gables, and roof pitch will all help determine the labor cost for your roofing replacement.

Roof Size

Roof size is a significant factor in your roof replacement cost Atlanta and Georgia homeowners will certainly have to think about it. A more extensive, more complex roof will naturally require more materials, labor, and planning. Roofers often estimate the cost of materials based on the type of roofing material, the labor involved based on square footage, and the removal of your old roofing material. These costs will almost assuredly affect the quoted price for your services.

Removal Of Existing Material

Finally, removing your old roofing materials will also have to be factored into the price of your roof replacement. The roof replacement cost Atlanta property owners will pay is affected by the current number of shingle layers installed. While some roofs might only have one or two layers of shingles, some older homes can have even three. This will mean a longer time spent removing shingles, meaning higher labor costs and higher final pricing.

Roofing Replacement Material Options

Which To Choose For Your Budget And Needs

When it comes to roof replacement in Atlanta, Georgia, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Next to size, the materials you choose for your home will depend entirely on your budget and household needs. A wide variety of options are available for roofing replacement in Georgia, so looking at the most common types of roofing materials can help you decide what is best for your budget, roofing needs, and aesthetic preferences. Here is a breakdown of the costs of some common roofing types in Atlanta:


Asphalt shingles are cost-effective and widely available, with good resistance to various weather conditions. In addition, their easy installation and maintenance are what make them a commonly used material in roofing replacement. Depending on which type of asphalt shingle you choose, a three-tab shingle roof can last you 15-20 years at $2.50 – $2.70 per square foot, or an architectural shingle roof will last 25-30 years at $2.70 – $3.00 a square foot.


Metal roofing is commonly used for its longevity and durability. Its energy-efficient and eco-friendly design is low maintenance and available in various styles, which makes it a popular choice for those who don’t want to keep up with excessive roof maintenance. While there are a number of types of metal roofs, a typical metal roof will have a longer lifespan and higher price than an asphalt roof. A metal roof can last you, on average, 50-70 years at a price point of $6.00 – $9.00 per square foot.

Slate And Tile

Slate and tile roofing, while stylish and visually appealing, have a higher upfront cost than metal or asphalt roofing. However, with lower maintenance, a longer lifespan, and better resistance to weather, the upfront cost may make up for the lack of maintenance needed to maintain a slate or tile roof in the long run. It is not uncommon for slate roofs to last for 50 years or more without needing another replacement. Some can last close to a century with proper maintenance. However, the cost for installation comes out to be $10+ per square foot, making it one of the more pricey options for roofing replacement.

Replace Your Atlanta Roof

With KTM Roofing Master Roofers

Many factors go into replacing your Atlanta roof. Looking at the size and pitch of your roof, labor costs, material costs, and removal of existing materials are all factors that can affect the price of your roof replacement. In addition, choosing a suitable material for your budget, home needs, and aesthetic appeal can be confusing if you don’t know where to start.

If you’re considering roofing replacement in Atlanta and don’t know where to look, KTM Roofing has you covered. We have been replacing roofs throughout Atlanta since 1984. Schedule a consultation with KTM Roofing today to learn about your replacement options, including materials and other customizations. Our master roofers have been raising roofing standards since our beginnings. We have the experience and knowledge to help you get your roofing replacement done right.