Roof Repair Services in Atlanta for Winter-Impacted Roofs


Identifying the Impact of Cold Weather on Roofs

How Your Roof Can Be Impacted by Cold Weather

Identifying the Signs

Cold weather will always instigate rising needs for roof repair services in Atlanta during the winter months. Though our homes are built to withstand the cold and the snow, sometimes even the best construction can’t stand up to Mother Nature. Roofs are one of the most important parts of any home, providing protection from the elements and helping to keep energy costs down. However, roofs can also be vulnerable to damage from severe cold weather. While most roofs are designed to withstand winter weather, it is still important to have your roof checked by a certified and licensed roof repair company in Atlanta. Especially before the start of the winter season to ensure your roof is in the best condition. By taking these steps, you can help keep your roof in good shape and avoid unexpected costly repairs.

The Effects of Ice on a Roof

There are many ways that ice and snow can deeply affect the integrity of your roof. The cold weather can cause shingles to become brittle and breakable, making them more susceptible to damage from high winds. Ice dams can also form on roofs, causing water to back up under shingles that cause leaks that lead to mold and water damage. Additionally, the weight of heavy snowfall can put stress on roofing materials and can even lead to collapse.

Other Types of Damages

Roofs are designed to protect homes and businesses from the elements, but they can sometimes be damaged by the very things they’re meant to withstand. Snow, water, and high winds can all take a toll on a roof, causing water to build up in gutters and even leak through shingles into the home. This can lead to major damage, including mold growth and rotten wood. Luckily, there are Roof Repair Services in Atlanta that can help. Our roofing professionals have the experience and expertise to repair any type of damage, from compromised shingles, leaks, and even structural damage that can pose serious safety risks. So if you’re concerned about your roof this winter, don’t wait for the damage to get worse. 

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When to Call A Roof Repair Specialist

Identifying the Damages

If you think that your home may have suffered damage from the winter weather, it’s important to call a roof repair specialist as soon as possible. Roof damage can lead to a host of other problems, including leaks, mold, and even collapse. So, how can you tell if your roof needs repairs? 

First, take a look at the shingles. If they’re cracked, missing, or curling, it’s time to give us a call. Also, check for any leaking in your attic after a heavy rain – this could be an indication that your roof is not properly draining. If you notice any of these signs, or if you have any other concerns about the condition of your roof, please don’t hesitate to inquire about our Roof Repair Services in Atlanta. We’ll be happy to come out and take a look!

How KTM Roofing Handles Roof Repair Services in Atlanta

Remedying the Ice and Snow Damage

No one can predict the weather, and no homeowner can keep ice and snow from falling on their house. This is, unfortunately, just the way of things. What you can control is how you deal with the aftermath of a severe winter storm – and that’s where KTM Roofing can step in to help. KTM Roofing has been servicing Atlanta and the surrounding metro area for nearly 40 years, so we know a thing or two about roof damage. We also know how to quickly, and efficiently repair the damage, and get your home back to its original condition in no time.

Here’s a quick rundown of our roof repair service in Atlanta:

  • We’ll come out to your home and do a thorough inspection, assessing the damage and providing you with a detailed quote.
  • After you’ve approved the quote, we’ll get to work to repair your roof. This includes clearing away any debris, repairing any damaged shingles or tiles, and making any necessary structural repairs.
  • Once the repairs are complete, we’ll do a final inspection to make sure everything is up to our high standards.

If you’re dealing with roof damage from ice or snow, don’t hesitate to give KTM Roofing a call. We’ll have your roof back in top condition in no time.