The Top 4 Things You Should Have Inspected in Spring

Inspecting roof in the Spring

It’s Spring and Time to Inspect Your Roof

As Winter is coming to an end, it’s key to make sure your home is ready for the upcoming Spring season. Before taking the plunge into your Spring cleaning, make certain to not overlook an important part of your home, the roof! Winter weather can be harsh and may have caused harm to your roof’s exterior and interior, so it’s crucial to inspect your roof before Spring hits. Read on to find out more about the four things we recommend when looking at your roof.


First, you want to look at your shingles. Are there any that look damaged, worn, or missing? It’s common for shingle loss, tears, and cracks to incur during those brutal winter months due to cold weather, ice, and snow.

To get a proper look, you may need to use a ladder to get on your roof for a closer inspection. If this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing, a trusted professional here at KTM Roofing, would be able to assist with this, while following proper safety protocols.


Next, you will want to make sure your gutters are clean of any debris. You can do this yourself by hand or hire a professional gutter cleaning company to do so. After everything is cleaned out, we recommend testing the gutters and allowing water to pass through using a hose.

Check for any leakage or debris clogs in the downspouts. Afterward, look over your gutters to see if they are still connected properly and not sagging or pulling away from the fascia. Side Note: Gutter covers would help with keeping the gutters clean of debris and in that case, just check to ensure all covers are still attached and that no debris has entered.


Then, flashing! It may seem miniscule, but it is still a predominant part of your roofing system. It is the thin metal material installed around critical areas of your roof, like your chimney, to ensure water is directed away and prevents leaks or water damage. Check all areas to make sure you don’t see any flashing that is damaged, missing, or whittled with holes.


After you’ve finished looking over everything on your roof’s exterior, you’ll want to go inside and see if your roof’s interior has incurred any damages as well. You will be looking for any cracks, leaks, sagging, or ventilation issues. All of these are signs that you will need roof repairs completed sooner rather than later.

Now you know the top four things to look for this Spring season to ensure that your roof is still doing the job that it is intended to do.