KTM Roofing Makes Dreams Come True with Habitat for Humanity

Roofing for Habitat for Humanity | KTM Roofing

In 1988, Tim McLoughlin, founder of KTM Roofing, met a lady who needed some work done on her roof. The woman’s name was Revered Nancy Forsyth Noblin, and the two quickly became friends. Revered Noblin, who was known by her friends as simply Nancy, had a significant hand in helping McLoughlin grow his business by offering practical advice and helping McLoughlin determine the best ways to interact with customers. Revered Noblin was an ordained Unitarian minister who was kind and friendly, and was involved in a number of charities including The Elephant Sanctuary, Hosea’s Feed the Hungry, and Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. The reverend’s commitment to Habitat for Humanity led to more than seven local homes being constructed for those in need. McLoughlin knew that his company, KTM Roofing, could help to ensure that Atlanta Habitat for Humanity can assist even more people.

KTM Roofing has been in business since 1984 and has become one of the premier roofing companies in the Atlanta area. KTM is a Home Services Review Five-Star Rated Premier Company and a member of the Georgia Roofers Contractors Association. The company offers both residential and commercial roofing and specializes in both installation and repair. Due to McLoughlin’s friendship with Revered Noblin, KTM Roofing was able to ensure that more deserving citizens were able to move their families into quality homes through Atlanta Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity has made its mark in the Atlanta area and is dedicated to helping families get into safe, high-quality homes. The organization relies on the help of volunteers who are willing to help build homes in neighborhoods around the country. KTM Roofing has partnered with the organization to provide roofing for the homes Habitat for Humanity builds. This partnership was largely due to the friendship between Reverend Noblin and Tim McLoughlin. Since the roof is such an essential part of the home and KTM is one of the top roofing companies in the Atlanta Metro area, the partnership means that those who are receiving homes from Habitat for Humanity will receive roofing that will keep their homes insulated and safe.  Home construction is a necessity in cities and communities and building homes that are made from the best durable materials is part of Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide a safe living space for everyone.

The organization is also known for assisting individuals have experienced natural disasters in their area. Communities that have been ravished by hurricanes and tornadoes have received assistance from Habitat for Humanity to repair or renovate certain rooms in their homes. The organization will sometimes give individuals and families a completely new home after a natural disaster. A new home ensures that residents are safe and protected from the elements. In addition to performing home renovations, the Habitat for Humanity team will also provide immediate care to community members. This could include giving food and clothing to individuals and families or giving everyone warm blankets and protective gear to brave the weather. Some of the homes that the Habitat for Humanity team builds also feature modern appliances and amenities that will make the home more secure and appealing.

KTM Roofing often provides the roofing for these homes if they are constructed in the Atlanta area. However, Habitat for Humanity offers classes for the people who benefit from their services to teach them how to properly care for their homes. This reputable organization also provides seminars for people who are first-time homeowners because of the work of Habitat for Humanity. These seminars teach individuals how to care for their homes to prevent expensive repairs and how to budget appropriately to increase the value of the home and keep the residence looking its best for years to come. When those who benefit from the work of the organization have the financial education they need to successfully manage their mortgage and other household payments, they are more likely to successfully maintain a household for years. The confidence that comes from being a homeowner is invaluable. Habitat for Humanity is committed to making sure that as many people as possible experience this milestone in life.

It’s no secret that Habitat for Humanity works with other organizations to create new homes and sustainable neighborhoods in communities all over the world. The friendship between Revered Nobling and McLoughlin is yet another example of the way that people who care about the well-being of others can come together to make someone else’s dream come true. Habitat for Humanity is proud to be one of the organizations that truly brings people together.