Worried about climbing ladders to clean gutters this Fall? Don’t. Give us a call!

Ladder leading to an roof

The dog days of summer are upon us, and you can’t even look outside without breaking a sweat. So, you’re probably not even thinking about your gutters or the onslaught of leaves that’s coming to clog them up in the Fall. However, if you have braved the heat and been outside lately, you might have noticed a few leaves on the ground that have already fallen. Now might be the best time to get ahead of the crowd; prevent your gutters from getting clogged; and avoid climbing that ladder, or worse yet, getting on your roof!

Most people don’t ever think about their gutters, but did you realize that a properly functioning gutter system is just as important to keeping your home dry as a new roof? That’s right. It’s all about water management. Without a gutter system, all the rain water that hits your roof would simply flow right over the edge of your shingles and seep into the ground right next to your foundation. And if you get enough water there, well it could end up in your basement or crawl space and cause mold or mildew problems and flooding.

Fortunately, most homes have a gutter system these days, but do you know if your gutters working properly? What are the signs to look for? There are a few things you can look for that may mean you have a problem:

  1. If you have mulch around your house, look to see if you have a small trench forming in the mulch or an area where the mulch gets worn away often
  2. The next time it’s raining out, look out your windows at the gutters you can see, or grab an umbrella and take a stroll around the house. Do see water spilling over the sides of the gutters?
  3. How about after the rain has stopped? Do you see debris hanging over the edge of the gutters, or on the sides, or perhaps an area of the gutter looks stained due to excessive dirt and debris running over the sides? All of these could mean that your gutters are a clogged; not pitched properly; are too small to handle all the water coming from your roof; or a combination of all these things.

That’s when it’s time to call KTM. One of our sales consultants would be happy to come out and take a look at your gutter system and give you an estimate on repairing or replacing it. If you have an older home, odds are the builder put a smaller gutter system on, or perhaps used a galvanized steel gutter that is just waiting to rust out. At KTM, we’ll replace your old gutters with a 6-inch aluminum seamless gutter, that’s run right on site for proper fit. Or maybe you have the proper size and material for your gutters, but you’ve noticed the nails are starting to back out and you can see the gutter is tilted forward. We can repair those using a hidden hanger bracket system that work better than the old spike nails. And, whether you need or new gutter system, or just need a repair, we can add our Valor Gutter Guard to new or existing gutters. They come with a clog free for life guarantee! Valor will keep the leaves out and you off the ladder this Fall. For more information, you can visit our website at www.ktmroofing.com to find out more about us; get more information on the Valor gutter covers; or request a free estimate.