Tesla Solar Roofs

Tesla Solar Panels on Roof

Everyone’s looking for a way to be more eco-friendly these days. From green cleaning products to energy efficient appliances, there are lots of steps we can take at home to be kinder to the planet. If you’re ready to take a serious step toward energy efficiency, KTM Roofing’s got you covered. We’re proud to be Georgia’s exclusive source for Tesla solar roofs.

Homeowners in Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur, and Alpharetta already know they can count on KTM Roofing for roofs that are safe, sturdy, and attractive. With Tesla solar roofs, we’re able to go beyond that and revolutionize the way your home functions. Installing a Tesla solar roof turns your home into a clean energy powerhouse. Their sleek aesthetics and unbeatable strength make them an all-around terrific choice for environmentally conscious homeowners in Atlanta.

What sets Tesla solar roofs apart?

In addition to the innovation you expect from Tesla, they include:

  • Curb appeal. Tesla solar roofs are made with chic tiles that complement the architecture of any home. Unlike traditional solar panels, Tesla solar tiles blend in with their surroundings.
  • Great value. Because they produce their own energy and lower your utility bills, Tesla solar roofs pay for themselves over time. Solar power offers one of the lowest prices per watt you can find.
  • Unmatched durability. Tesla solar roof tiles are over three times stronger than traditional tiles and provide protection against even the harshest elements. Even better, they’re backed by a 25-year warranty.
  • High tech convenience. You’re able to monitor your roof’s energy production and access it remotely by using the Tesla app.

Of course, KTM Roofing excels at installing traditional roofs too! We’re experts in slate, tile, wood shakes, and synthetics. No matter what material you prefer, our expert crew has mastered them all. Keeping your roof in proper working order is one of the simplest ways to keep your home, family, and precious belongings safe. Your home is a huge investment, and KTM Roofing can help you protect it for years to come.