Gutter Covers: Your Key Defense in Preventing Underlying Deterioration and Damage

Roof gutter guard

Why are gutter covers important? As a homeowner, you take pride in the appearance of your home, inside and out. Gutter covers are beneficial as they prevent your gutters from becoming clogged with debris. Debris can be classified as foliage from overhanging trees, acorns, and small pieces of sandy grit from the shingles. Gutter covers also aid in preventing roof-top fire hazards. They help debris to wash over the gutter system, instead of becoming clogged, drying out and creating fuel for a fire.

Gutter covers can prevent an array of other issues, including very costly fascia board replacement. Fascia is vertical roof trim located along the perimeter of the building, usually below the roof level, covering the ends of the rafters at the eaves. Fascia is also referred to as “the boards behind the gutter”. Without gutter covers, the gutters could possibly become clogged, causing water to stand in the gutters because of debris. The weight of the water and wet debris will cause a strain on your gutter system and fascia. Once clogged, with no way for the rainwater and melting snow or ice to escape, water will begin to overflow the gutters. The water will overflow both sides of the gutter, causing the fascia to rot and breakdown. Damaged fascia can also lead to leaks inside your home. Gutter covers will be an asset to maintaining the integrity of your home.

KTM Roofing offers two different brands of gutter covers: Valor Gutter Guards and Gutterglove. KTM is an authorized dealer for both of these brands. Please see below for the different specifications on Valor and Gutterglove:

Valor Gutter Guards are the perfect drainage solution, designed to work with any gutter system, any degree of roof slope, and all roofing styles. These gutter guards have been meticulously engineered to deliver high performance in a wide variety of situations.

Gutterglove gutter guards slip easily under the shingles of your roof and securely fastens to the front lip of your gutter. It fits on any roof type and gutter type. When installed at the same pitch of your roof, virtually all debris slides off. Gutterglove is extremely rigid and won’t crack, cave in your gutter or collapse over time.

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