The Top 4 Roof Projects to Perform This Summer


Summer may mean relaxation and adventure to most people, but it is also the perfect time of year to take care of some serious home projects. For example, consider having your air conditioner tuned up and having your lawn irrigation system evaluated. Most importantly, we recommend that you take care of the top feature of your home (literally): your roof. The roof takes serious abuse from the elements throughout the year. So why is summertime the best time to take care of your roof and what tasks should you prioritize? Read on to find out what professional roofers in Marietta think.

A Basic Evaluation

Summer is the ideal time of year to have your roof inspected and repaired because it is a warm, dry season. Simply put, rain, snow, and heavy winds make roof projects difficult on workers and can even make traversing the roof a dangerous feat. Mostly, summer is a peaceful time for your roof due to consistent weather patterns—high heat, and that’s about it—so it is the best time to check how it fared against the winter chill, spring rains, and arrival of the intense summer sun.

The first summer roof project to schedule is a simple evaluation. Hire a trained team to take a stroll around the property and check the roof for weather damage and other telltale signs of deterioration.

Parasitic Growth Removal

Another roof care project perfect for summertime is the removal of any parasitic or damaging life forms that may have made a home on your roof. Algae, mold, and moss can accumulate on warm and wet roofs, a common problem in Marietta neighborhoods.

Professional roofers can identify signs of parasitic growths; identify any rot damage, like soft or brittle shingles; and reverse the effects of fungal deterioration, which include a weakened and collapse-prone roof.

Metal Stripping Check

Summer is the ideal time of the year to have all metal stripping on your roof evaluated, repaired, and replaced (if necessary). Metal stripping forms a water-resistant seal where the roof meets the edges of chimneys, vents, the roof line, and exterior walls. Severe weather conditions can loosen or rust these vital pieces on a roof, also known as flashing. A Marietta roofing company can evaluate and repair flashing before expensive problems result.

Gutter Inspection

Gutters may seem like old-fashioned features, but they are essential to directing water and grime off your roof and away from your home’s foundation, windows, and doors. If this system becomes disrupted in any way, you can find immediate problems that will have widespread and long-term consequences for the entire house.

This summer, schedule a gutter inspection. Skilled experts can clean your gutter system of hardened mud, branches, leaves, nests, insect activity, and other clogging matter. The previous 3 seasons and their irregular weather patterns have likely led to some form of buildup, if not outright damage such as loosening or twisting—problems that can contribute to poor drainage.

We hope that you will add these tasks to your summer to-do list. While there are certainly other important responsibilities to handle in the summer, hiring professional roofers to inspect and repair your roof should be at the top of that list.