8 Reasons a DIY Roof Isn’t the Answer

roof repair drill equipment

While some do-it-yourselfers take on projects for the thrill of it, others go the DIY route to save money. In either case, a DIY roof Installation isn’t the answer for a variety of reasons.

1) The roof is kind of important – In fact, your roof is the only thing protecting your family and most of your worldly possessions from rain, hail, snow and wind. Even a small mistake can have disastrous results and a bunch of expensive repairs.

2) Your DIY roof may not be insured – If damage occurs, the company that does your homeowner’s insurance is going to do some digging to see if there are warranties for workmanship and materials. On a DIY project, there won’t be a workmanship warranty and the materials warranty will probably be invalidated. After considering these factors, the insurer may decide that your work violates the homeowner’s insurance policy, meaning that none of the damage will be covered.

3) The money you save on labor may be spent on materials – Contractors often buy in bulk, getting discounted prices from their suppliers. For a one-off project, you’ll probably end up paying the full retail price, which will cut into the money you saved on labor.

4) The tear-off, hauling and dump fees will take another bite – Your going to have to get rid of the old roof, which will require a truck and numerous trips to the dump. Keep in mind that you’ll probably be paying for dump fees by weight. If you have to rent the truck, you’re even deeper in the hole.

5) Damaged materials are another expense – Shingles that are improperly nailed, tiles that are cracked and slate that is chipped will have to be replaced. Depending on the number of damaged materials, this mistake alone can raise the cost of a DIY project substantially.

6) You’ll need tools – Roofing installations require specific tools to be done correctly. You can either rent or buy the pneumatic roofing nail gun, air compressor, and the rest of the tools you’ll need, but by now you’re probably above the cost of a professional installation.

7) The value of time – It’s a pretty sure bet that a team that has installed hundreds of roofs will be faster than friends and neighbors taking on a roof for the first time. Don’t forget, if you’re paying those friends and neighbors, your cost just ratcheted up another notch.

8) Roofing is dangerous – Roofing consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous professions in the country, and that’s with professionals with years of experience. Forget about the money, an accident on a roof can be life-changing.

While the satisfaction of completing a project on your own is undeniable, there are too many ways that a DIY roofing installation can go wrong. Instead, leave that one to the professionals and focus your efforts on other areas around your home.