Will my Atlanta Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover a Roof Leak?

Flooding Rain on a Roof and Gutter

Good piece in the AJC today – Basic home policies don’t cover flooding:

The relentless rain has overwhelmed sewers, forced evacuations, closed school systems and swamped cars. It also forces many homeowners to wonder whether they can recover the value of flood-caused losses. For many, the answer will be no.

“The bad news is that your home policy basically covers wind and fire,” said John Oxendine, state insurance commissioner. “Flooding is not on the list.”

That basic coverage will be enough if water comes through the roof, through a leak or a hole caused by wind or a falling tree, he said, but not “if the water touched the ground before it came in your home.”

In a flood plain, flood insurance is required by law. But typically, one-quarter or more of flood-damage claims are for homes where insurance is optional.

– Click here to see pics of the September 2009 Atlanta Flooding.

What’s next for homeowners? Over the next few days the cleanup will pick up speed. It’s important to remember if your water has sustained water that it could be harmful to your health. While seeing water in a basement is an obvious source of damage, drywall becoming wet is less obvious as it can lead to mold and other air quality issues.

Remember to check your attic and your attic’s floor for signs of water damage.

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