Why Atlanta Roofers like CertainTeed Roofing Products

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KTM Roofing can install a wide variety of roofing products for Atlanta homes. Our asphalt shingle products of preference are produced by CertainTeed. You may be familiar with CertainTeed because of other housing materials they produce. In terms of roofing, they produce some of the highest quality shingles and they support the products they manufacture.

One notable about CertainTeed is that their roofing products are not available at big box home retail stores and are sold to roofers. As discussed previously in this blog they make an excellent 50 year roofing shingle, which as implied by its name is a shingle designed to last 50 years on a home (most shingles are 20 – 30 year). If you’re planning on staying in your home for 20+ years, having a 50 year shingle is excellent because come resale you won’t have an aging roof as a liability in the resale of the home.

KTM isn’t the only roofer praising CertainTeed. Here’s a great quote from a discussion board on Roofers.com discussing CertainTeed vs. GAF:

Go to www.Certainteed.com and use there locator to locate a “select shingle roofer” in your area. Ask that contractor about CertainTeed’s “sure start protection warranty”. Compare that to any other warranty offered by any other asphalt shingle. Now there is your answer. CeratinTeed has the best track record, has the best research development and testing, they have the best programs and support for the homeowner and contractor, they have the best warranty. They will warranty your roof against shading which I believe they are the only company that does this. They will warranty it for 10 years even if the attic is not properly vented. They will warranty a wind blow off calim even if it is a “winter application.” They use a thicker and much better fiberglass matt than any other shingle. They do not sell there products to big box store like Home Depot, they don’t sell to lumber yards etc. They only sell to professional roofing suppliers. I have been roofing for 14 years. I have layed and repaired/replaced many shingles of every type of shingle manufacture and I say hands down CertainTeed is the best. Also keep in mind that if you like a particular contractor for other reasons they should be willing to install CertainTeed instead GAF or any other shingle. Afterall it’s your house and your money.

It is important to remember the product itself is only part of the equation to having a good roof. Any experienced Atlanta roofing contractor will agree that the installation of the roof is the biggest factor in the roof’s longevity. Having good roofing materials doesn’t mean anything if the roof isn’t properly installed in the first place.

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