Top Reasons to Have a Wood Shake Roof

Cedar Wood Shake Roof

You might have noticed there are quite a few woods roofs throughout metro Atlanta. While the Atlanta roofers at KTM can’t say we’ve roofed all these homes, we can say that we are wood roofing experts and are often called upon when a homeowner is considering an Atlanta wood roof.

Did you know? Wood shakes are often mistaken for wood shingles?

Below is a Sample of Benefits for Wood Shake Roofing:

– Appearance
– Insulation: reducing your electricity bill in the winter.
– Cooling: space between shakes allows your roof to breathe
– Lifespan: Coated with water repellent, wood shakes can last 40 years
– Durability: Wood roof shakes are wind and impact resistant.
– Environmentally friendly: Biodegradable and won’t fill up a landfill, wood shakes are not manufactured from materials taken from earth.

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