Tips on Spotting Atlanta Roof Hail Damage

Hail on Roof

In a previous blog, the topic of roof hail damage in Atlanta was covered. Since then a few tips have been posted onto KTM Roofing’s website to help homeowners identify Atlanta hail roof damage.

This page includes tips on how to spot the signs of hail damage, such as denting and granules collecting at the bottom of downspouts. In addition the new page talks about the overall damage a hail storm can cause for your roof. In general hail storms weaken the roof’s protection and therefore shorten the expected life of the roof. Typically not an immediate danger, the weakened roof could lead to water damage inside the home. Insurance companies sometimes cover roof hail damage and it is recommended you review your homeowner’s policy and follow up with the insurance company as needed.

If you think your home has sustained hail damage, perform a visually inspection and call a professional roofer, such as KTM Roofing that has hail damage experience and can diagnose, repair or replace the damaged roof.

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