Thoughts on Hurricane Sandy

Damage caused by Hurricane Sandy

We’ve been thinking a lot about Hurricane Sandy and the folks in the northeast over the last few weeks. Something that isn’t hitting the news too much yet, but will be in the near future is around storm chasers. We’ve had this problem in Georgia within the last few years around hail damage. Companies would come from out of town and try to scam homeowners.

When looking to to hire a roofer, make sure you do your homework on verify that the person you are working with is reliable. Laws will vary in NJ and NY from GA, but some common red flags such as not having a business card, proof of insurance or accessible reviews online are simple checks a homeowner can perform.

It is important to mention that not all companies from out of town will be trying to defraud homeowners. In fact, many companies coming from out of town are doing a great service as the local industry cannot handle the increase in business. What we are advising is that homeowners think about it in more detail. Do your homework. Check both long term references (going back upwards of 365 days), in addition to more recent work that is local.

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