The Right Way to Choose a Roofing Company

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Replacing a roof is one of the biggest home improvement jobs there is, both structurally and metaphorically. Without a functioning roof, a house is too cold or too hot, leaky and drafty. The old phrase “As long as you’re under my roof…” doesn’t hold much sway if the roof in question doesn’t offer its inhabitants the protection it should!

When it’s time to repair or replace the roof, some homeowners turn to the phonebook, or choose a roofing company with a familiar sounding name. While it’s always a better idea to seek suggestions from neighbors, friends and family, where you find the roofer isn’t nearly as important as what happens next.

There are several questions that should be asked, and many things to consider before hiring any roofing company. Here are some guidelines to finding the best roofer for the job.


Ask the roofing company to explain any roofing credentials they might have. Since there aren’t any specific licenses, training or permits required by the state, anyone could buy a business license and call themselves a roofer. Manufacturers, though, do offer training on using their specific products. Finding out what manufacturers have issued certificates to the roofer in question is a great way to tell how dedicated they are to continued education in their field. The best companies will be Certified Master Roofers for one or more manufacturers.Since those manufacturers periodically require continued training, you can be sure that the roofing company is up to speed on any advances or new technology that’s been introduced to the industry.


Is the roofing company a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? The BBB offers information on any past complaints that have been made against the roofer, as well as whether or not the problem was resolved to the customers’ satisfaction. Often, valuable information on past problems can be gleaned from the BBB website that will make the decision on hiring or not hiring a roofer easy.

Type the name of the roofing company into a search engine, and read any reviews that pop up. If the company has been around for awhile, they’re likely to have been reviewed before. You’re not looking for a company with 100% positive reviews, but you are looking to check that none of the reviews mention behavior or work that could become a serious problem.


All legitimate roofing contractors will offer a free roofing estimate. The roofer should be on time for the appointment, and arrive ready to discuss options with the homeowner. The roofer should definitely take the time to actually climb up onto the roof and examine and measure it. If the roofing company doesn’t offer an actual inspection of the roof, it’s tough to take their estimate seriously- which could turn into added expenses down the road!


Finally, be sure to ask for proof of liability insurance and workers comprehensive insurance. Every roofing company should have this, and be happy to show proof to potential customers.

By taking the time to ask questions and research roofing companies before hiring one, you can be confident that you’re choosing the most qualified roofer for the job.

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