Roofing Quotes: 3 Tips You Must Read!

Roof Tile Inspection

Whether you are in need of a roof repair, or need a completely new roof installation. Having a well prepared roofing quote will give you confidence you have selected the best roofing company. Below are three tips that every homeowner should read before choosing a roofer.

1. Estimates are Free: Legitimate roofers will offer a free estimate. If you are solicited for payment to have your roof reviewed prior to signing an agreement, then you should view this as a red flag. Preparing a free quote is part of the sales process. If you receive a quote from more than one roof, then you’ll notice that not all roof inspections are equal.

2. Roof Inspection: It is very simple–you can’t provide a roofing quote if you don’t inspect the roof. The more time that is spent inspecting your roof, the better estimate you’ll be provided with. If the person performing the quote doesn’t arrive with a ladder… red flag! A roof inspection should include taking the time to fully inspect the roof. This means climbing up on the roof and checking the attic from the inside. While the inspector is on the roof he should be taking accurate measurements to determine how much roofing surface is present on your home. He also should be assessing for damage. For example he should check skylights, attic vents, chimney caps and pans, flashing, gutters, etc. This all help ensure you are provided with an accurate, comprehensive roofing quote.

3. Prepared Proposal: We’ve found when most homeowners are referencing a roofing quote, they really mean they want a prepared roofing proposal. Your roofing proposal should be specific to your home and should incorporate the observations of the roof inspection. The roofing proposal should provide the details of the job and include estimated costs. Each state is different–in Georgia for example a proposal is an agreement that has the weight of the contract. This can be beneficial to the homeowner. When reviewing a proposal make sure it has the product options broken out by brand name and includes an itemized listing of services and prices.

The next you are looking for roofing quotes, make sure to consider these three tips. Make sure the estimate is free, the inspection is thorough, and the quote / proposal is actionable and the pricing will be honored based on the specific needs of your roof.

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