Reroofing Project: Comparing Asphalt Roofs to Wood Roofs

wood roof shingles

Consider this…

– Curtains that don’t fit the window can be returned.

– A hastily chosen, ill-suited paint color can be painted over pretty easily.

– Furniture that doesn’t feel inviting can be re-arranged.

There are lots of situations when homeowners might make decisions that they’ll later decide to reverse. Choosing a new roof is not one of those situations.

Costing thousands of dollars in material and labor, deciding when to reroof is not a decision homeowners take lightly. Once they’ve met with roofing companies, secured several free roof estimates and then chosen one roofing contractor to work with, the real decision making starts.

How do I know what type of roof my home should have?

Without a background in construction, choosing a new roofing material can seem daunting. With several materials to choose from, some in endless color possibilities, and the pressure of making a decision that will have to be lived with for 20-30 years, even more with certain roofing materials. The task can certainly seem overwhelming. At this point, don’t be afraid to turn to the roofing contractor for some guidance. While the homeowner might not know what type of roof will work best for his home, the roofing contractor will be able to steer him in the right direction and offer suggestions as to what kind of roofing materials would look and perform the best given the homeowner’s goals and objectives for the new roof.

What are the most commonly used roofing materials?

In Atlanta for example, asphalt and wood roofs are two options. Other materials common to Atlanta include slate and tile roofs. Driving around the city, and most of the country, you’ll notice asphalt roofs are the most common roofing material. While each of the different materials has its own benefits and drawbacks, price and longevity of the roof is also a factor and can vary greatly depending on the material chosen.

Asphalt Roofs:

Asphalt roofing covers over 80 percent of all homes in the country, making it the number one roofing material by far. It’s known to be versatile, coming in a variety of different colors and sizes, as well as efficient. It’s also fairly easy to install and is generally the most economical option for reroofing. Asphalt roofs are generally low maintenance, and offer a high level of protection from fire. Drawbacks include a tendency to blow off in extremely high winds, and the possibility of scarring with very high temperatures. Asphalt roofs don’t have the three dimensional look that comes with some of the other options, either.

Wood Roofs:

One of the main benefits of a wood shake roof is aesthetic. Because of the variety of natural wood, as well as different cuts and thickness, every wood shake roof ends up being unique, which is the ideal situation for a homeowner with design on the mind. This kind of roof is also very energy efficient, providing good insulation. There are several drawbacks to a wood shake roof you must be aware of before installing. Much more high maintenance than asphalt, wood shakes require attention to ward off mold, insects and rot. Not inherently flame retardant, some brands offer shingles that are chemically treated to improve fire safety. Finally, installation of wood shakes can be more difficult, and requires a good amount of experience on the part of a reliable roofing contractor.

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