Is Your Atlanta Roof Leaking?

Water Leak from Damaged Roof

How about that rain storm last weekend that hit metro Atlanta? If you had to look twice because you thought you saw driftwood running down your street, you’re not alone. Rare rain storms have a way of uncovering flaw’s in a home, including flaws in your home’s roof–the first line of defense you have from the elements.

Our Atlanta roofers have been busy in recent weeks. Even though the storm has since ended, it is always a good idea to perform a basic inspection around your home to look for signs of damage. For the roof’s standpoint, is there signs of water damage or leakage in your attic. In many cases this can occur because of deterioration around venting pipes, allowing water to seep in. Also, is there indicators that roofing shingles are missing, or asphalt granules are present at the base of your down spouts?

These are great things to get in the habit of checking the next time you’re in the attic, or working around the house and walking by a down spout.

If you think your home might have damage, consider calling KTM for a thorough inspection. If your roof is damaged we can provide a free written proposal to repair or replace your roof.

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