Inspecting Your Roof for Leaks Each Spring

Marked Roof caused by Water Damage

Spring is a great time to catch up on some routine home maintenance. Each spring homeowners flock to the exterior of their homes to prep for seasonal gardening and to get the yard prepared for BBQs. While you’re prepping for outside, take a few seconds to perform some basic roof inspection points. Some of these tips can help you needing to call a company for a roof leak repair.

  • Look at your vents, chimney for signs mold or mildew
  • Look for curling shingles (including shrinking roof shingles)
  • Look for shingles that are misaligned, or shifting
  • Look for damage around flashing too (may require some binoculars)
  • Look for branches rubbing against the roof (can lead to advanced aging via friction)

Don’t forget the inside

The outside of your roof can help give signals if you’re at risk to experience a leak. Head on up to the attic for the second part of the inspection. If your roof already is leaking, there are likely going to be signs in the attic. This can include staining on the ceiling. If your ceiling is stained, then the leak has likely been there for awhile. If the floor below it shows some signs of water drops (example if the dust is disburded in that area under the spots), then you have another sign for how large a problem the leak is. Look for signs of wet, or damp insulation as well.

If your roof is showing signs of a leak, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. Often leaks are fairly inexpensive to fix, especially if you can catch them before they cause damage to other parts of the home.

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