Indiana Roof Repair Scam

Extensive Roof Damaged Not Fixed

Don’t let this happen to you: Indiana men charged in Yorkville roof repair scam

Paul Girton, 35, and Crystal Griffin, 33, both of Lebanon, Ind., were arrested Aug. 18. According to police, Girton and Griffin told the woman her roof needed fixing. After Girton claimed to have fixed the roof, the woman paid him and Griffin. After it was realized no repairs were done, police arrested Girton and Griffin based on a description of their vehicle provided by a neighbor of the victim.

Even though this is in Indiana, the residents of Atlanta should be concerned as well. Roof repair fraud continues to plague neighborhoods throughout metro Atlanta communities. KTM has provided a roofing scam page dedicated to Atlanta storm chasers. Referred to as “storm chasers,” these roofers prey on getting in the door with one home in a neighborhood and then try to spread to the surrounding homes. This typically occurs after a large storm, such as wind or a storm that results in roof hail damage to Atlanta homes.

Roofing Tip: Reliable roofers should never require a payment up front. A reliable Atlanta roofing contractor, such as KTM Roofing, will not ask for payment until the roofing project is complete.

KTM Roofing’s Tips that Indicate a Roofer is Legitimate:

  • Local references (check for jobs completed in the last 30 days and over 1 year ago)
  • Local Business License (more than one year)
  • Member of local BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Insurance: general liability & workers compensation (KTM has more than $2 million in coverage)
  • Written manufacturer warranties
  • Written labor warranties**

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