How to Pick a Georgia Roofing Company

Atlanta Grey Shingle Roof

Before you sign a roofing contract, make sure you know what you’re signing and who you are working with.

Sad fact is too many Atlanta and Georgia residents are preyed upon by roofing storm chasers each year, particularly after a hail storm has hit Atlanta.

Picking a reliable roofing contractor means doing your homework. Does the company have manufacturer roofing certificates? The best Atlanta roofing contractors will.

4 Tips to Pick a Georgia Roofing Company

Thorough Estimates: Did the company actually inspect your roof, or just do a visual?
Liability Protection: Make sure the company has comprehensive liability (typically $1-2 million is sufficent) and has workers comp insurance
Experience Work Crews: How long has the crew that will be working on your home been with the company?
Warranty of Work: Manufacturers typically have warranties for their products, but what about the labor? Will your roofer stand behind his work if there are flaw found as a result of labor?

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