Fix a Roofing Leak

Roof with Extensive Water Damage

What a difference a year makes. This time last year we were talking about a drought. A year later Atlanta is flooded. The phones were ringing non stop today with people looking for an Atlanta roof leak repair.

What is important to remember with a roof leak is that the roof leak isn’t caused by the rain, but the rain is what makes the roof leak become noticeable. For example, with a strong storm that last 5 hours, your roof isn’t likely to to leak. That is because there are many layers of protection that stand between the water outside and your attic inside. These layers include roofing shingles, wood from the roof and insulation — typically about 14 inches worth! As you can imagine to get rain to penetrate all of that would take alot of water.

Regardless of the science, we realize there are alot of metro Atlanta homes that need help with repairing roof leaks. If you have questions about roof leaks, or to get a quote to fix a leaking roof, contact KTM Roofing at 678-565-7663.

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