Finding a Local Atlanta Slate Roofing Company

Slate roof against blue sky

Slate roofs are classic and timeless. Found on some of Atlanta’s most premier homes, slate is roofing material with a reputation of longevity

Did you know: Slate roofs are commonly expected to last 75 years or longer.

Facts about Slate Roofs: Buckingham County Virginia has been the location of some of the most famous slate for over 150 years.

Slate Roofing Benefits: The benefits of slate include, low maintenance, water repellent, fireproof, high resistance to wind and hail. In addition slate is seen as a highly durable and long last roofing material, with life expectancies of about 75 years.

Other Examples of KTM Slate Roofing Installation: KTM has installed slate roofs on many homes, businesses and churches throughout metro Atlanta. An example of notable slate roofing installations can be seen on Decatur City Hall and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.

Synthetic Slate Roof Options from KTM Roofing Atlanta

In additional to natural slate, KTM’s master Atlanta roofing experts also install synthetic slate roofs on metro Atlanta homes.. We are certified to install synthetic slate roofs from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers including: DaVinci Roofscapes, EcoStar, and TAMKO Lamarite–all of which include a 50-year warranty.

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