CO Residents Brace Yourselves for Roof Storm Chasers

Stormy Weather over the Colorado Landscape

A large storm recently swept through Colorado resulting in the need for wide spread home repair.

Thick piles of shingles wait for installation on the roofs of homes, and contractors are keeping busy as the cleanup continues in a swatch of the metro area hammered by a July storm.

From experience, large storms that cause result in roof damage are magnets for roofing storm chasers.

The Colorado story hopefully will not turn into a similar story as the roof repair scam in Indiana. Experience teaches us that this likely isn’t the case.

Storm chasers flock to damages areas because of basic economic principles. When a large storm hits that causes alot of damage, in this case to people’s roofs, there are not necessarily enough roofers in the area to repair the roofs in a timely manor. Having a damaged roof is a serious issue to a home. To fill the void regional roofers may travel to help assist the area, but they aren’t alone.

What we label as “storm chasers” also make the migration to the affected areas and unlike regional roofers, the storm chasers will not return to a home base afterwards because they don’t have a strong home base because they do not do reputable work. The only way for these roofers to make a living to to prey on storm victims one geographic area at a time.

The best advice to the resident’s of Colorado is to do some additional homework on the roofer you are considering. Some things are easy to verify (are they a member of the local BBB, can you follow up on provided local references from roofs completed within the last 30 days and over a year ago), however other things are tougher. You’ll want to ideally get evidence of company licensing, insurance and applicable warranties available.

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