Bid Request for Commercial Roofing in Atlanta

roof of a house

Since 1984 KTM Roofing has been a leader in residential roofing. Over the years, we have completed thousands of roofing jobs throughout the Atlanta and North Georgia area. While most of our jobs are residential and are of standard asphalt shingle material, many jobs feature advanced materials such as slate, tile or wood shake. When it comes commercial projects, KTM is often selected among others to be their commercial roofing company of choice.

Our master roofers have completed many commercial projects for small businesses and local government offices. We have roofed many churches throughout the metro Atlanta area. Some of our favorite projects are commercial because of their historical value. In the last few years KTM has been part of replacing the roof of historic Decatur City Hall and Stone Mountain’s memorial hall. Both of these projects were completed with slate.

Accepting Bid Requests:

If you are looking for a roofer for a commercial bid request, please consider KTM. We can help answer questions that you have, give a review, and participate in the bid process. Please contact us at 678-565-7663 with questions.