Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

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Why Homeowners Choose Asphalt Shingles

A lot of people take the benefits of asphalt shingles for granted. Part of your home’s first line of protection is its roof. Not having sufficient roofing protection can cause a wide variety of costly damages to your home. It is recommended you review your home’s roof for potential roof problems several times a year.

Performance of Asphalt Shingles

There are lots of traits asphalt shingles can have. In recent years many advances have occurred in technology that has benefited the homeowner. On a basic level did you know manufacturers make shingles that are designed to last different amounts of time? Manufactures produce 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and event 50 year asphalt shingles.

Qualities of Asphalt Shingles

Here are a few reasons many homeowners decide to roof their home with asphalt shingles:

  1. It is the least expensive roofing material to have installed.
  2. Asphalt shingles have a low chance of leaking.
  3. Roof repairs can be easily made.
  4. The roof can be walked on.
  5. Many roofs can last 20+ years, a time longer than most homeowners will stay in that home.
  6. A variety of color options are available.

Be Cautious of…

As a caution there are several risks with asphalt shingles. For example these roofs are the least expensive to install, which is great for the homeowner. This can also be a negative if not installed correctly. Roofing with asphalt shingles is an easy to work with material that requires the least amount of craftsmanship. In other words, make sure the roofing company you are working with is reputable. Outside of the risk of inferior craftsmanship there are two risks everyone current asphalt roof owner and prospective owner should know:

  1. Risk of Hail Damage: Asphalt shingles can be more at risk in severe wind and hail damage than other roofing materials.
  2. Risk of Extreme Weather Installation: Asphalt shingles are sensitive to temperature. They get brittle in the cold and melt in the hot sun. It is recommended to never install when the temperature is less than 32 degrees. Extra caution should be paid when the temperature is above 32, but less than 40 degrees. In addition, additional considerations must be given when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. An experienced roofer will be prepared for such temperature conditions and will ensure your roof is installed to the manufacture’s specification.

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