Atlanta Roof Damage from May Hail Storms and Showers

Marked up Roof with Hail Damage

May storms and showers are off to an early start in Atlanta. Could this lead to high amounts of wind and hail storm damage? Watching for hail storms to Atlanta roofs this May is essential because hail is often a natural enemy of asphalt shingle roofs. Last month, Atlanta April storm damage was significant and as a result many people were looking roof estimates.

Wind and Hail – Natural Enemies of Atlanta Asphalt Shingle Roofs:

Most roofs nationally are asphalt shingle-based. This is also true in Atlanta. The spring months of the year often is known for increased intensity in storms, in particular high winds, including tornadoes, and even hail. Homeowners need to be concerned about roof hail damage because such damage can greatly remove the protective asphalt coating from the shingle, thus limiting the life span of the roof.

  • Atlanta Roofer Tip: Check your insurance policy to see if it is covered from wind a hail damage to your roof.

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