What Are Solar Shingles? Are They Worth It?

Defining the Next Wave of Solar Energy

Dreaming of getting solar shingles in Atlanta? It may not be as far off as you imagine. When you think about solar energy, what image does it conjure up? If you’re like most Americans, you may be thinking about big, dark panels. These big sheets of metal are wonders of science, capable of powering homes and office buildings with nothing but the sun’s energy. What if you could produce green electricity and look stylish simultaneously? For many, the appearance of traditional solar paneling can be quite off-putting. It makes sense – solar panels are large and very conspicuous. For some, this may be an immediate no due to their appearance.

Enter solar roof shingles. In some ways, it seems to be the natural progression of solar panel technology. However, to imagine is one thing, but to see is another entirely. With Tesla’s development of a solar shingle product, this arena is starting to gain notice and traction. It seems that we are moving into a place where solar technology is developing to accommodate the varieties of style and fashion that homeowners have been waiting for.

For now, they seem to be leaning towards the sleek, modern look, not unlike the luxurious slate tiling that many are familiar with, but who knows how the technology may develop in the future. Truly, we may be on the precipice of a new stage in green technology and energy production. Only time will tell!

Highlight: The New Tesla Solar Shingles

Integrating Style, Design, and Ingenuity?

Today we are going to highlight one major product that is pushing boundaries. We spoiled it a bit for ourselves since we just talked a bit about it, but it is Tesla’s new solar shingles products (separate from their solar panel product, mind you). This new product is making waves in the green energy market and the roofing field. Solar panels require special installation services, these panels are designed to imitate regular shingles. We at KTM Roofing as a licensed company can help customers find new ways to go green with our roof installation services. 

So what does this new product mean for the roofing industry? Trends come and go frequently, and it has yet to be seen whether solar roofing shingles have staying power in the industry. However, with the current push towards green energy production, homeowners and business leaders may see this as a way to ‘go green’ without sacrificing their personal style. One day, homes and businesses may be able to produce all of their electricity through these systems. Is that day going to be tomorrow? No, probably not. But these may be a viable option for those interested in working with solar shingle installation.

Installing Solar Shingles In Atlanta?

Here are Some Things You Need To Know

Like most new technologies, there is still a lot to learn about solar shingles. For example, we still don’t know fully how durable or long-lasting these products are or who in the market will be best served by them. 

So what do you need to know now about these new solar shingles?

These are NOT like regular solar panels (Except They Kind of are)

As we said earlier, these solar roof shingles are designed to look like conventional shingles and are installed as a part of your roof’s structure rather than installed on top of your current roofing. It’s a remarkable aesthetic difference, but beyond that, solar shingles function remarkably similarly to conventional solar panels. They take in sunlight during the day and, using its system, store and utilize that energy to power your home. So, in this way, they aren’t so different from regular panels, but they offer you the ability to maintain the look and appearance of your home in Atlanta.

Solar Shingles are Generally More Expensive

One of the main drawbacks of this style is the steep price tag attached to it. Whereas some roofing materials can run you less than $5 a panel, these panels can run close to $20 per panel. That sticker price may keep people away from making the leap to solar for quite some time, at least until the pricings offer some variability. The good news is prices have been decreasing in recent years. 

These Things Are Durable

The great thing about these new products is that they are built to be a part of a roof, and the manufacturers considered what exactly that means. These panel tiles are designed to endure the same conditions as conventional roofing panels. That means surviving scorching temperatures, severe rain, and even major storm events in Atlanta. All that, and they should be able to last roughly 20 to 30 years, depending on the make. You can learn more about these panels by speaking to the individual manufacturer, but they are meant to withstand the test of time and nature, just like other construction materials. 

All of that and solar shingles in Atlanta are starting to sound like the future. While we may not wake up tomorrow and see everyone using this material (yet), it’s something to watch out for, especially in new construction and full replacement jobs.

If you want to work with one of Atlanta’s premier roofing companies, look no further than KTM Roofing. We are happy to announce that we are now working to offer installation services for solar shingle products. So if you are interested in turning your roof into an energy producer for you and your family, connect with us today!