Roof Preparation for the Winter

ice in gutter and on roof

Before winter hits, it is essential to make sure your roof is ready to handle the harsher months. Your roof keeps out snow and rain, retains warm air inside your home where it belongs, and protects your family and belongings. Maintaining your roof in great shape is certainly in your best interest, so read on to learn about preparing your roof for winter.

Clean It Up

The first step to making sure your roof is winter-ready is to ensure it is clean. Debris and buildup can cause damage to the roof and can inhibit its ability to perform its job effectively. Regular cleanups can go a long way toward keeping your roof functional. Remove leaves, dirt, nests, and debris from your roof, and watch for birds and bugs that make homes in your eaves.

Give Your Gutters Some Love

Remove leaves and debris from your gutters and run water through them to make sure they are draining properly. Consider leaf guards to keep your gutters free from blockages that can cause backups and leaks. If blockages do occur, a long brush can be used to break leaves and buildup free. Rake up and remove anything you get out of your gutters. You can also extend the spouts at the end to dump the water further from your home, preventing backup when ice forms.

Do Periodic Self-Inspections

When you are up cleaning your roof, take a look around. Become familiar with the layout and keep an eye out for obvious signs of problems. Check on your shingles, making sure they are in decent shape. Any sign of cracking, peeling, flaking, falling off, or discoloration can mean problems. Check for weak or sunken spots along your roof, and check inside your home for water stains on ceilings as well. You should report anything unusual you notice to quality roofers who will know how to address your problems.

Get a Professional Inspection

Before the months of cold and snow, having a professional inspection can be very beneficial. Trained professionals will be able to notice problems and red flags that the layman might miss. Roof problems tend to progress quickly from bad to worse, so catching them early and nipping them in the bud will save you money and grief in the long run.

Add Some Insulation

Increasing the amount of insulation in your attic or upper crawlspaces helps to prevent ice dams on the roof. It will also help keep your home warm and make it more energy efficient. The initial expense of the insulation will come back to you quickly, since it is sure to lower your energy bills each month.