Signs It Is Time for a New Roof

shingles falling off the roof and need new shingles

A new roof installation probably isn’t the most exciting thing you can think of to spend your hard-earned money on. However, a good roof and quality roofing installation is extremely important to not only keep you and your belongings safe and dry, but to prevent other problems like mold and mildew. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs of a worn out roof that necessitates replacement of the entire roof.

Shingle Problems

In many cases, a visual inspection of your roof will clue you in that your roof is getting worn out. If numerous shingles are buckling or curled or even broken, it likely means that the shingles have lived out their life expectancy and that replacing a shingle here or there isn’t going to solve your problem. Missing shingles can also mean that the shingles are too worn out to withstand wind and rain. You may even notice large amounts of shingle granules in the rain gutters, which also means the shingles and roof are worn out.


The valleys of a roof are where the moisture flows in order to get the rain or snow to the rain gutters or off the edges of the roof. Damage and wear in the roof valleys is one of the most common causes of roof leaks, so if you notice damaged or missing shingles in these areas, it’s an almost definite sign that the roof needs to be replaced.


Chimney flashing in the past was done using tar or roof cement, which doesn’t hold up as well as newer metal flashing that is used now. If your chimney flashing is made of one of these older materials, you’re probably better off replacing the roof with a more water tight and long-term metal flashing to prevent leaks around your chimney.

Attic Inspection

It’s also important to do an inspection from inside your home by getting up into the attic. Of course, you may not actually see light coming through the roof boards, which is a sure sign that your roof should be replaced, but you may notice moisture on the insulation which means your roof has become ineffective. You may also see evidence of small animals in your roof, meaning there are holes.

Roof Age

Although the age of your roof isn’t a definite indication that it should be replaced, most asphalt shingle roofs do only last up to 25 years. It’s likely that if your roof is this old you’ve begun noticing other signs of wear, or perhaps even water stains or actual leaks on the ceilings.