Kennesaw Roofing Hail Storm Damage Update

Beautiful View in the Kennesaw Mountains

There have been a lot of hail storms throughout metro area. Kennesaw, GA has been hit hard by hail and as a result many roofs received damage. The damage from the storm typically isn’t going to cause a leak (though wind damage removing shingles could pose a more immediate threat). What will cause damage is the premature aging of the shingle from the hail striking, denting and softening the shingle. You can see signs of damage if you can get close enough to the shingles because there will be little dents presents (or big dents depending on the hail size). If you have gutters, seeing little pieces of roofing material is another sign that damage is present.

This is important because each roof shingle is rated in years. For example, at 30 year roof is expected to last for 30 years. When a roof suffers hail damage the shingles become weaker and therefore cannot last for their expected life. At times, this damage can be so severe that homeowner’s insurance policies can have a claim on them to help repair the damaged roof.

Kennesaw roofing damage from hail has been quite common. If you suspect your roof has been damaged, considering having a review conducted. KTM provides free evaluations and can consult on whether it is best to fix, replace, or do nothing.

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