Importance of Roofing Contractor Credentials

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With a pickup truck, a ladder and some tools a person can call himself a Georgia roofer. Think that sounds suspicious? You should.

Lack of Georgia Roofer Licensing Requirements

In Georgia there is no such thing as a license specifically for roofers. The same rules that apply to other Georgia businesses also apply to Georgia roofing companies. You might have noticed KTM has been rather critical of this fact because it allows unqualified and potentially unskilled workers to call themselves “roofers.” For example, KTM has a dedicated roofing storm chaser page to alert residents about potential door-to-door scams of out of town, and out of state companies that prey on metro Atlanta after roof hail damage occurs in the area.

KTM Defines Georgia Roofing Contractor Standards

While there might not be strong regulatory requirements, KTM believes they are leading Georgia in setting Georgia roofing contractor standards. KTM is fully insured and bonded, providing the consumer with proof of the liability and workers comp insurance we carry. KTM has an established reputation as a reliable Georgia roofing contractor and relies heavily on referrals. To ensure customer satisfaction the 25-year old company gives its pledge to satisfy you with a properly installed, sound roof that will protect your property for years to come. KTM also guarantees its quality and professionalism.

  • More than 25 years in business
  • Founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1995
  • Highest quality skills and materials
  • References and testimonials
  • Free consultation and guaranteed pricing
  • Full, written labor and manufacturer warranties
  • More than $2 million in general liability and workers comp insurance

Roofing Contractor Credentials

When hiring a Georgia roofing contractor, consider looking for roofing contractor credentials. This is another check the consumer can perform to determine what companies the roofer is certified as a master. As you can see below, KTM is certified by a wide variety of roofing manufacturers of asphalt, slate and tile roofs.

KTM is certified installer by leading roofing manufacturers.

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