Asphalt Shingle Roofing Annual Check Tips

Asphalt Shingle Roof on Yellow Brick Home

Asphalt shingle roofing, the most common type of roof for single family homes, has some terrific benefits. It’s relatively inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors and can be installed during a reroofing project without requiring additional support. It’s main drawback, however, is a big one: asphalt shingle roofs generally don’t last as long as other roofing materials and can be damaged somewhat easily, making it that much more important to regularly inspect your roof for problems.

When you’re ready to do an annual check of your roof this spring, be on the lookout for these problem areas. Failing to keep an eye on common trouble spots is sure to lead to an early reroofing.

  • If debris such as leaves or branches typically lands on one area of the roof, clean that spot completely, and dedicate yourself to sweeping it off frequently. Scattered debris can collect water, which roofing contractors say might eventually weaken the roof.
  • Missing shingles are an open invitation for water to seep into your home. Be sure to have a roofing company install replacement shingles in any bare spots.
  • Shingles that lift easily will also be lifted by strong wind- and will likely blow away. Stop this problem in its tracks by reapplying a bit of roofing cement under any loose shingles.

If you have concerns about areas of your roof that don’t look right, ask a roofing contractor to visit and perform a full roof inspection. Maintenance is the key to an asphalt roof to ensure that will last for it’s expected lifetime.

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