April Showers Could Bring a New Roof

April Showers on Flowers

The Atlanta area isn’t usually very hard hit by winter snowstorms and ice, which often cause serious roofing damage, but that doesn’t mean that Atlanta roofs are in the clear. Since wind, rain, hail damage, falling branches and time can all also cause trouble, it’s important to remember to check the roof for any damage as we see the strong thunderstorms April is known for. While these thunderstorms, whipping winds and heavy rain can certainly cause enough damage that a reroofing might be necessary, roof damage found in April could have also occurred during the cold winter months when no one wanted to climb up and inspect their roofs.

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Roofing Companies Say:

Various roofing companies say it’s common for homeowners to delay their annual roof checks until the spring, making it seem as if more roofs are damaged during that time of year.

In other cases, a homeowner might plan to do an annual roof check later in the year, but the frequent April rain forces him to notice a leak sooner. Roofing contractors generally suggest that early spring is an ideal time to perform a simple roof check, when any leaks can be properly fixed before heavy spring rains deluge the house.

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